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Podcasting is an ever growing new media with an increase in consumption of 22% last year alone.

It offers a brilliant opportunity to engage your audience, become an authority in your industry and share your passion and knowledge.


Podcasting is really accessible and fun to do, but for longevity and success you will require a little knowledge and learn some new skills. 

We offer a comprehensive solution for Podcasts, for users of all abilities. 

My experience in Post Production includes Dialogue Editing, Voice Over Production, Sound Design and Music Editing. All the essential components of a great podcast. 


Over the years I have worked with some amazing voice talent & producers; learning the best industry practices, from delivery to scripting.


Services include: 

  • Pre Podcast Consultation

  • Equipment Hire

  • Recommended Set-up

  • Recording Practices Tuition

  • Recoording Sessions

  • Podcast Editing

  • Music Sourcing

  • Music Remixing

  • Sound Design

  • Podcast Mixing 

  • Immersive Mixing

  • Podcast Mastering & Export

  • Uploading & Host Management

  • Show Notes

  • Blog Posting

  • Social Media Management

  • Increase Followers on Twiter & Instagram



Rebelhead Entrepreneurs is the world’s first podcast dedicated to sharing priceless success secrets from the most innovative creators and disruptive entrepreneurs on the planet. 

Listen to deep-dive interviews in to the lives and habits of an incredible spectrum of inspiring individuals. Exploring secrets, stories, tactics, routines and habits to unearth real-world practical lessons for us to emulate. 

Podcasting Made Easy ...

The most common excuse for not starting a podcast is "I really know what I'm doing with sound editing etc". 

Most businesses, brands and individuals looking to improve awareness, establish authority or become a person of interest will benefit from a podcast. 

What have you got to say? 

We all have something to share and audience to grow but most don't use this wonderful opportunity to self broadcast to potentially thousands of listeners. 

Why not ask me for help?

I can setup you up to record, teach you the basics and produce and edit your podcast for you. You don't need £1000's of equipment to produce a great quality, highly valued podcast. 

I am also qualified in social media marketing and can provide you with the best practices to grow your audience. From your first website, Facebook business and twitter account; I can give you the strategy & skills to success. 

Kit List


Here is my current kit list. Get in touch for specific items or to hire. Ask for any advice if you are looking to buy your own setup.



  • MacBook Pro Retina

  • Zoom F8

  • Zoom H6​

  • Beyerdynamic M99 x2

  • Rode NT2 x1

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

  • Focusrite Clarett 4Pre

  • CPC Headset Mics x2

  • Audio-Technica ATR2100 x2

  • Sennheiser E818s x1

  • Beringer Eurorack 24ch Mixer 


  • Dynaudio BM12 x3, BM5 x2

  • Presonus 192

  • Mac Pro 6 core 3.46GHz / 48GB Ram / 3GB GPU

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Pro Tools 2018 Ultimate

  • Waves Gold + Renaissance Bundle

  • Izotope Post Production Suite

  • Izotope Creative Bundle

  • Avid Pro Series

  • Massey L2007

  • McDSP SA2

  • Audioease Speakerphone

  • Sonarworks Calibration Suite


  • Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Kit x 2

  • Sennheiser 416 Shotgun Mic

  • Rode NT3a

  • Boom Pole

  • Rycote Windjammer

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