Post Production has my passion for over 10 years. From pet projects sound designing computer game promos to delivering current affairs factual television to major broadcasters. 


Protocol_One has a wealth of experience spanning all genres of Post Production. Covering VR / immersive audio, TVC, promo, corporate, broadcast, shorts and features protocol_one_audio loves creating inspiring soundscapes for your story.



Services include: 


  • AAF & OMFI Import, Session Prep & Video Conversion

  • Dialogue Editing

  • Music Editing & Remixing

  • Tracklays & Atmos Creation

  • Sound Design

  • Creative Processing Existing Audio

  • Complete Audio Repair & Enhancement

  • Voice Over Producer



  • Stereo Mixing

  • Surround / Multichannel Mixing

  • Re-Versions & International Editing

  • Loudness Correction

  • Delivery of Technical Specification Required Audio Files

  • Compliance with all International Loudness Laws for Broadcast, TVC, Cinema, Radio & iTunes

  • VR / 360 / Immersive Editing & Mixing



Here are some of our favourite previous  projects. All of these were mixed at Rapid Pictures LTD. For more details about Rapid click HERE

Click on images for more details.



Most of the showreel was mixed at Rapid Pictures LTD whilst as Head of Audio.




Full credit list here:


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